Recipes and Ideas

We know LL is more than a lemonade concentrate. Mixed with ice cold water, it is a thirst quencher like no other and its taste is classic all year round. Try these following ways or drop us a line at lighthouse.lemonade@live.ca with your own recipes/suggestions. If we use your ideas on the web site, we will send you a FREE bottle of Lighthouse Lemonade
as a thank you.


Classic Ways to Use

The Big Freeze

  • Kids of all ages love frozen Lighthouse Lemonade popsicles.
  • You can also freeze Lighthouse Lemonade in an ice tray, adding a little citrusy zest to your favourite beverage via our perfectly lemony ice cubes.
  • Slushies! Need we say more?

Tastefully Healthy

  • Our bodies are up to 65% water, so it’s important to keep hydrated. Add some lemony goodness to your water bottle and keep hydrated – in good lemony taste, of course!
  • Kids’ water bottles will come home empty from school…guaranteed. Just add a splash of Lighthouse Lemonade and watch them hydrate. Shhh… don’t tell them water is good for them!

For Grown-Ups

Lemonade is delicious to kids of all ages, but it needn’t be all child’s play!

  • Add to iced teas – virgin or otherwise
  • Try a lemony gin and tonic
  • Add to vodka on the rocks
  • Create your own lemon martinis and daiquiris
  • Give your beer a little British kick by creating the perfect Shandy or adding Lighthouse Lemonade to Pimm’s for a little sophistication. Bottom’s Up!

Winter Warmth

  • Add to hot teas for a summery burst mid-winter
  • Feeling a little under the weather? Use Lighthouse Lemonade
    as a base for hot lemon and honey drinks and chase away
    those pesky colds!

Your Favourites

Not Just A Summer Drink, by Diane Savoie

I love anything lemon especially something with a good pucker! Lighthouse Lemonade has become a favourite must have item in my home and catering kitchens. I love that it has a maritime story and is Canadian made from natural ingredients. But most of all I love its syrupy consistency that makes it a versatile culinary must for sweet as well a savoury dishes. The many ways I have used Lighthouse lemonade:

  • As a base for my collection of lemonades made with local fruit juices such as rhubarb, blueberry, cranberry and grape.
  • As a glaze for roasted chicken and pork.
  • As a base for a lemon and garlic sweet and sour sauce
  • As a glaze for lemon bread and muffins.
  • I have created Lighthouse Lemon cheesecake, meringues and Italian nougat
  • As a splash over shaved ice, make slushes and ice cubes. Add a few blueberries or raspberries to the ice cubes to add a little je NE sais quoi to your summer drinks.
  • To sweeten tea
  • Soak plump local wild blueberries for spooning over plain cake, ice cream, yogurt and panna cotta.
  • To take the chill off a late fall night, I am now sipping Lighthouse Lemonade in hot water with a splash of local vodka. And I dream of a medicinal hot lemony rum toddy the next time I get the sniffles….which just might be soon! Pucker up for the winter! Stock up on Lighthouse Lemonade

Diane Savoie
Savoie Faire Culinaire, New Brunswick