Lighthouse Lemonade Float

We know it feels like the end of summer is just around the corner, but let’s not worry about that! The sun is still shining and there’s lots of time to enjoy it.

The great news is that those ice-cold drinks we know and love are still as refreshing as ever. It’s not too late to make more summer memories, and adding delicious drinks to the menu never hurts!

This easy recipe can be enjoyed on the patio, at the cottage, with friends at a summer barbeque, or just about anywhere you can bring a bottle of our lemonade and ice cream (dairy-free or vegan is an option too!). This is the summer drink you’ve been waiting for and it’s perfect for children and adults alike. You might want to bring extra ice cream for seconds; don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Natural Lemonade Popsicles with Real Fruit

Finally, it’s getting hot outside!

Naturally, as soon as warm weather rolls around, we start craving the delicious summer foods we missed out on over winter. Bring on weekly barbeques, light salads, sangria pitchers, ice cream, and all the fresh fruit we can get our hands on!

Fruit popsicles are an obvious summer staple. Who doesn’t want to be relaxing by the pool with an ice cold popsicle? The reality is that store bought popsicles are laden with processed sugar and artificial flavours.


Mother’s Day Pink Lemonade

Pink lemonade is the ultimate summer drink! Unfortunately, most store-bought varieties are laden with processed sugar, artificial colours, and fruit concentrates.

This Mother’s Day, make a batch of all-natural pink lemonade using our very own Lighthouse Lemonade Cordial and fresh fruit. The key to this recipe is to achieve a balanced flavour by adding both sweet and tangy ingredients. Serve it virgin or add a splash of your favourite liquor!


Fresh Lemon Tart with Basil Nut Crust

It can be tricky to find a light dessert that is both unique and delicious when staple baking ingredients like flour and dairy are off the table. This year, impress your guests with this Lemon Tart featuring a crunchy Basil Nut Crust, made with Lighthouse Lemonade Cordial! This lemon treat is a wonderful alternative to a traditional family recipe and a refreshing way to end a heavy meal!

We love the combination of lemon and fresh herbs. Rather than the typical wheat-based dessert crust, the addition of crunchy nuts and basil is a fresh take on the classic lemon tart. If you prefer, switch up this recipe by using Lighthouse Lemonade Lemon-Lime cordial and garnish with lime slices. This recipe has been adapted from The Kosher Baker, with the addition of Lighthouse Lemonade.


Easter Lemon Drop Cupcakes

Spring is here! To celebrate the sunshine and warm weather, we are bringing you a delicious, sweet recipe using natural ingredients and our very own Lighthouse Lemonade Cordial.

Make this sweet treat for Easter and we guarantee your guests will be impressed! The best part – this recipe is both gluten-free and vegan, meaning it will accommodate a wide range of dietary restrictions. Decorate these cupcakes however you like. They are versatile and can be customized for any occasion.