3 Healthy Drinks to Get You Through Dry January & Beyond

Congratulations, you’ve nearly made it through Dry January! We’re here to give you that final boost of motivation to finish the month off strong so you can continue to make healthy choices through 2020.

Here’s the good news: detoxing doesn’t have to be boring. A month (or longer) without alcohol welcomes the opportunity to experiment with mocktails, health elixirs, and wellness teas. Not to mention, you get to trade hangovers and headaches for nutrient-dense, digestion-friendly ingredients!

Here are three non-alcoholic drink recipes fit for every time of day and occasion. As always, we’re here to prove that you don’t need expensive supplements or superfoods to kickstart a new lifestyle. Instead, a healthy dose of freshly-squeezed lemons and clean ingredients will do just fine!


5 Ways to Transition into Winter

You may have noticed that the days are getting shorter, the temperatures are cooler, and some white flakes have even started falling from the sky. Yup, winter is here to stay, so let’s embrace it!

While we will miss warm summer days, winter is the season of slowing down, getting cozy, and spending quality time (indoors) with family and friends. Today we are bringing you a few of our favourite ways to enjoy the colder weather without having to go outside.


3 Festive Drinks for your Thanksgiving Dinner

Fall weather has officially arrived and Thanksgiving is only a few days away!

We know Thanksgiving meals require a lot of planning and time in the kitchen, so we’re here to help you create the perfect drink menu for your guests! We’ve got three delicious, seasonal drink recipes for your gathering, including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options for the entire family to enjoy.


Lemonade Cheesecake Balls

It’s that time of year again – back to school season! The sun is still shining, but the kids are getting up early and making their way to class. Sending the kids off with healthy and delicious lunches is never easy, which is why we’re bringing you a simple treat to add into the school lunch rotation! This yummy snack is perfect for incorporating the Lighthouse Lemonade you love into a new treat for the whole family to enjoy. You’ll want to make extras for yourself to eat any time of day – we promise not to judge if you have them for breakfast.